Yoga Time Instructors

Mindy Beach, owner
mindy beach
Mindy Beach has been practicing yoga since 2005. In 2006 she completed the 200-hour teacher training certification at Down Town Yoga in Leesburg, Virginia. She studied Baron Baptiste Vinyasa Flow under Peg Mulqueen. She is currently working toward her 300hr advanced studies with Faith Hunter at Embrace Yoga in D.C. Since then she has opened two successful yoga studios, including one of the longest running yoga studios in Loudoun County. Mindy has over 16,500 hours of teaching and consulting. She is most drawn to the rehabilitative components of yoga. Her classes are rich and diversified with a fun and joyful learning environment. Mindy continues to learn about the health and wellness industry, she collaborates with local chiropractors, physical therapists and other alternative health care professionals. In the last decade Mindy has presented or taught at several corporate, professional wellness events throughout the DC Metro area. She has always taken great joy and pride in introducing the wonder, beauty, fun and benefits of yoga to everyone.
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Alexandra Patton
alexandra patton
Physical and mental wellbeing have always been important to me. As a young woman I relied solely on running to clear my mind and maintain physical fitness. However, I was never fully satisfied with the results. It was not until I found yoga that I felt truly connected and content with my body. I took my first Ashtanga Yoga class while living in Florence, Italy pursuing my Masters Degree. The class was candlelit with expansive windows that opened up over the River Arno. The atmosphere, mood, and overall feeling I had after the class opened my eyes and gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to switch gears and pursue yoga. The teacher had a passion for both her students and the practice. I hope to bring this sense of self-awareness and inner peace to my students.

In 2012 I completed the 200-hour teacher certification course at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Bahamas. This immersion and exposure to the classical philosophy of the Hatha Yoga has given me a greater understanding of the discipline. I appreciate the principles of meditation that Sivananda Yoga emphasizes along with the physically demanding aspects of Vinyasa. For the past two years I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado, where I continued to teach classes and pursue my own practice. Through instructing and guiding yoga classes, I have learned that the pursuit of inner peace and happiness are invaluable components of a fulfilled life.
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Ari Van Der Burgh
ari van der burgh
Yoga came into my life in 2005. As an Equestrian athlete, yoga has helped me with my riding by allowing me to work on strength and flexibility. It has also helped me build confidence. Coping with the aftermath of several concussions as well as a very severe case of Lyme disease yoga has truly been a life send.

Over 10 years ago, a friend suggested I come with her to a yoga class. That sparked a passion which led me to seek my Teacher Certification. My goal has been to share the benefits of yoga practice with others. I completed my RYT-200 at Inner Power Yoga with Ursula Cox. I look forwarding to sharing my passion and enjoyment of yoga and its tremendous healing power with each of you.
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Cara Scott
cara scott
Staying active and healthy have always been important to me. I've suffered from fitness ADD and have literally been involved in all forms of working out from dancing, to boxing, to traditional weight training, snowboarding, Pole, Insanity, CrossFit and recently, a Tri-Athlon. I was always reluctant about Yoga due to my physical limitations; I have metal rods, hooks and screws in my spine from a Scoliosis surgery, metal in my right arm from a skiing accident, bad knees and hips that have turned in from birth. You wouldn't say I started Yoga with high expectations;)

When I moved to Purcellville in 2015 from my hometown in Northern NY, I starting taking classes at Yoga Time Studio and absolutely fell in love with Yoga. Every form of Yoga, class and instructor (Mindy especially) taught me something new, while offering something unique each practice. Alas, my fitness ADD met its match! It was also at that point when I realized I needed Yoga for more than just the physical benefits. The connection of mind, body and soul that Yoga offers is something I never experienced with other activities. Not to mention all the health benefits. Why doesn't everyone do Yoga?! I am a people person first and foremost. I have a 15 years of Marketing experience and a love for writing and public relations. Being a Yoga Instructor allows me to combine my passion for helping people with staying active and healthy. Plus, I'm proof that any "body" can practice Yoga. I hope to inspire and practice with you soon! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!
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Erin Magnusson
erin magnusson
After having my second child, I was feeling run down and discouraged about my post-baby body. I was looking for a fitness routine that would help me get back into shape and restore my energy levels. I started taking barre classes at Yoga Time and quickly became committed. I found barre to be challenging both physically and mentally, but extremely rewarding. Since making barre a part of my fitness life, I have felt more confident and energetic than ever. It is perfect for "me" time, to work hard on my goals while getting a great workout, and ultimately having more energy to devote to my family at home. As an instructor, I am so excited to share my passion for barre with you and help you reach your fitness goals.
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Ginny Blair
ginny blair
Hi, I'm Ginny! And if I haven't met you yet, I hope to very soon! I've been practicing Yoga for 8 years and it has brought me so much peace and joy that I was inspired to start teaching in order to spread that feeling to others who are in need of the healing that Yoga can provide. I recently returned from teaching English and Yoga in Saga, Japan. I was unsure which direction I wanted my life to take when I returned home to Virginia, but I am now following my dream of teaching yoga as a full time career! My classes at Yoga Time are currently Beginner Vinyasa with a focus on Guided Meditation. Each class incorporates a new meditation technique and combines my love of music as well with a sweet combination of relaxing and uplifting tunes, balanced with a full-body opening and moderately-paced Vinyasa flow.

I have been practicing Meditation of all kinds since I was 12 years old, so as my teaching style began to emerge I have always included this focus on deep meditation at the beginning and end of class. I believe Yoga is equally a practice of both mind and body, and the more we focus on the mental aspect of yoga, the deeper we can benefit from the physical aspect as well. This also ensures that each Yoga practice is an opportunity to center ourselves and and be truly aware of our current mental and physical state and work to improve both of these things each time we step on the mat. And lastly, as the saying goes about life, "Pain is certain, but suffering is optional." I have found that Meditation and Yoga are two of the greatest tools we have to cope and escape from the stresses that life puts us through, and simultaneously teach us how to deal with these problems when they arise in the most peaceful way possible.

So drop in on a class soon, and let's open up our bodies, hearts and minds all in one. Much love and hope to see you soon!
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Helen Lightner
helen lightner
My first yoga experience was an Ashtanga class in 2000 while I was a student at The University of Vermont. I was drawn to the workout and the breathing and how it made me feel in and out of class. My best friend then took me to her Bikram studio in San Francisco in 2001 and I loved it. I enjoyed the heat and the postures in the class. At times when I was able to practice frequently, I noticed that my allergies disappeared and my overall health improved.

After having my second child in 2015, I tried a Vinyasa class and I have been hooked ever since. After practicing Ashtanga and Bikram I appreciate the way each Vinyasa class can be different. I am currently taking my 200-hour RYT training with Rachel Perez and Alex Patton and am scheduled to finish in April. Yoga has been a lifeline and something that has helped me through the ups and downs of life. I hope to share the many wonderful benefits of yoga with my students.
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Jennie Hill
jennie hill
I discovered Yoga Time Studio in July 2016 and I immediately fell in love with it. I love the classes, the instructors, and the people. I have 4 children and they keep me pretty busy. I truly appreciate going to a class where I can spend time with other adults and have a little time for myself all while getting in a great workout. The best part about Barre, for me, is that it never gets any easier; it is always challenging no matter what your fitness level. The opportunity to become a Barre Instructor has been a gift and I am so fortunate to have the encouragement and teachings of Mindy, Maribeth, my family, and my best friends. 5:15 am is definitely early, but I find starting the day with something just for you makes it easier to handle the daily responsibilities that descend upon you!
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John Drury
john drury
Out of shape and sedentary due to severe lifelong allergies and asthma, John began practicing yoga at Flow Yoga in the Summer of 2010. Starting in his late 40's and at the insistence of a podiatrist as supplemental physical therapy to help with foot and ankle injuries, John expected to practice just a couple of months. Instead, yoga became a passion that helped him recover from injuries, get into shape and improve his breathing dramatically. Encouraged by his teacher Kelli Audibert, he attended numerous master classes and workshops with Maria Garre and eventually obtained his RYT 200 certification in Prana Flow under the Shiva Rea Samudra Global School of Living Yoga with Andrew McAuley in 2014.

In the Summer of 2013, at age 50, John began studying Ashtanga with Clifford Sweatte. Ashtanga is John's primary practice and he currently studies with Tova Steiner, an Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga teacher. John has studied with, and attended workshops on, many other teachers and styles including Shiva Rea, Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa and Ashtanga yoga with such senior teachers as David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff and Manju Jois. John believes that yoga has transformed him and that anyone can practice yoga and share in the benefits.
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Julie Petty
julie petty
I first discovered the countless benefits yoga could create through a fitness program at a local college. Desperately in need of better physical and mental practices, I decided to attend my first class at Yoga Time Studios. I quickly realized that Barre is a safe, effective way to receive a total body workout, and also improve my yoga practice. I have now been attending Barre classes for several months, and have trained diligently with Maribeth Cronin to ensure all students receive a successful workout. My goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere that evolves around the positive mind and body benefits Barre can provide.
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Kayla Hall
kayla hall
I started yoga in college after a particularly stressful time & I absolutely fell in love. The 60 minutes gave me clarity and a break from my own thoughts and stresses. Fast forward, I am now sharing my passion for yoga with others. I operate under the belief that there is a type and style of yoga for everyone. There is immense power in connecting breath and movement, body and mind. I hope I can let you find space on your mat that serves you off the mat as well. Namaste. Let's breathe together! Kayla Hall RN, BSN, RYT (200)
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Maribeth Cronin
maribeth cronin
As a nursing student in college, I attended my first aerobics class and discovered how much I enjoyed group fitness classes. I then earned my group fitness certification and began teaching classes at my college and at a local YMCA.

I took a long (long) break from teaching but always remained active (mostly yoga) but I took my first Barre class just over a year ago here at Yoga Time Studio and became instantly addicted. It has helped me to sculpt and tone my body just where I wanted, while doing it in a fun, challenging and energetic environment. After a year of Barre, I am very enthusiastic to be able to lead classes where I can (hopefully ;) help enable the same positive impact on others.
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Michele Trufant
michele trufant
I came to my yoga practice some seven years ago. I had been training horses for nearly 20 years and I never thought I could be as passionate about anything as I was with my riding. I was on holiday in Austria and Hungary and it was in those two countries, in those attendant languages, that I took my my first yoga classes. I have been hooked ever since.

My practice has taken a circuitous route, going from a strictly physical practice, to an ever deepening spiritual one. While I received my 200 hr certification in Vinyasa last year, I am currently working toward my 500 hr and am becoming enamoured of all types and styles of yoga. Practicing yoga is an evolutionary process and never boring; it changes and grows all the time. I so want to share this process.
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Nikki Laughlin
nikki laughlin
There has not been a time in my life where I was not addicted to some form of exercise ... yoga, Pilates, spinning, the list goes on. This love of exercise led me to teach and I have been teaching group fitness classes since 1990.

When I discovered barre, it changed my body like no other exercise had before. Not only did I become stronger and leaner, all the strange, creaky, painful spots from years of working out in my knees and hips quickly and quietly disappeared. Barre has truly been a gift to me.

I have been teaching barre for more than six years now and have found such joy in helping my clients to feel stronger, leaner and happier. I am certified by the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and Beyond Barre.
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Rachel Perez
rachel perez
My love of yoga began 14 years ago...Looking for a way to decrease stress while increasing strength and flexibility, I was introduced to Bikram yoga and so began my love affair with yoga...While I always envisioned myself becoming a yoga teacher and sharing the many benefits of yoga, it took nearly 12 years before I would meet Mindy Piland of Yoga Time Studio and have the opportunity to be her student and teach under her guidance.

Within a year of teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga, and with the support of my family, I decided to pursue my 200 RYT with Tiffany Cruikshank. Her teaching style taught me how to apply yoga as medicine and dive into the anatomical and philosophical themes of this ancient practice. I know first hand that through a dedicated practice transformation of body, mind and spirit can and will happen. Remaining flexible on the mat directly translates to flexibility in life. Come join me for a vigorous, energetic, invigorating and life changing yoga practice!
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Stephanie Kline
stephanie kline
I am so excited to be teaching Barre class as part of the Yoga Time family! My love for fitness and training began when I started dancing competitively at age 10. I added exercise, especially running, later in high school, and to this day exercise still brings me to my "happy" place.

While in college, I was lucky enough to take on a leadership role with the Providence College Dance Team where I led practices and developed and taught the choreography for our performances. I continued to stay active through my adult years, running the Marine Corps Marathon and several half marathons. I was also a part of the Redskins Cheerleaders, which reignited my passion for dance and choreography.

More recently, my focus has been on strength training with CrossFit, and I quickly learned that combining low-impact strength training, as a compliment to this vigorous workout would be advantageous and beneficial. And, for me, Barre is that perfect complement. I'm looking forward to utilizing my experience in fitness and training to create and choreograph fun and challenging Barre classes for our members to enjoy.