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Amelia Rose

Amelia Rose Yoga Instructor

Amelia began practicing yoga and Pilates as a teenager, using her mom’s workout dvd’s daily, and she fell in love with the way she felt, physically and mentally.  She fell out of practice for a few years when she developed clinical depression.  Then, in 2020, she found her way back to yoga and consistent exercise with at-home practices.  As she noticed her physical health— and especially her mental health— improving drastically, she became more and more interested in yoga as a whole, from the postures and pranayama to the philosophies and spirituality.

Amelia’s yoga practice eventually led her to Yoga Time when she moved to Virginia in 2021, and she began leading yoga classes in 2022.  Since then, not only has she deepened her yoga practice, but she’s also discovered Barre, a low-impact workout that tones and strengthens muscles in an engaging, upbeat way.  Amelia has found joy in practicing in such a warm and inviting space, and she looks forward to guiding students through a safe and exciting workout that’ll leave everyone feeling accomplished!