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Christian Mollitor

Christian Mollitor

My Earth name is Christian, but during yoga you can call me Silly Harry. I’m a mystic and devotee of the Pachamama, the Universe and the Divine Spirit that animates all things.

In 2001, I attended my first yoga class while working as an Environmental Officer on a cruise ship, and since that day yoga has been a constant thread weaved through my life and spiritual path. I’ve had deepening spiritual awakening experiences that began in 2006 and have lead me from a place of unhealthy addictions, mental suffering and physical pain to having the door of the Divine blast open so I could clearly see and experience the True Reality of my human experience.

The teaching style I embody is inspired by my own practice at Yoga Time with teachers Mindy Beach, Gretchen Schutte and Dave Rankin; Bhakti yoga devotion with Hare Krishnas; self-study and contemplation of yogic and spiritual texts; inner shadow work through my GBTQ ManKind Project integration group; Quaker silent meeting and beliefs; completing Master level certifications and skills from the Maryland Center for Reiki Training; and amazing life changing plant medicine experiences and spiritual learnings from Peruvian shamans and Andean priests. 

The clarity I’ve found from my own work has given way to a yoga teaching intention of distilling the core essence of these varied Universalist traditions into a creative, playful, entertaining and easily understandable Way for all levels of practitioners. Be ready to hear, see and do many new and fun things. I hope to see you at the studio!