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Ivana Lombardo

Ivana Lombardo

Ivana has been in the world of health and wellness in various roles for over 30 years. She is an avid learner of psychology, health and wellness, hypnosis and meditation, and mind-body connection. Her passion for using the power of the mind for healing and wellbeing started 13 years ago when during her second pregnancy she stumbled upon hypnobirthing philosophy. She was able to use the techniques of deep relaxation to have an easy and comfortable labor and birth. After that experience, she went back to school, finished a psychology degree, completed the Health and Wellness Coaching program, and became certified in Medical Hypnotherapy, and Hypnobirthing.

Today, she helps people from all walks of life live healthier lives by utilizing the power of hypnosis, mindfulness, and deep relaxation. She has worked with clients with various stress related issues to improve the quality of their lives. Additionally, Ivana teaches virtual and in-person hypnobirthing programs at Inova hospital as well as Yoga Time Studio to pregnant parents interested in having a more peaceful, comfortable, and fulfilling birth. 

For more info please visit www.greatbeginningsbirths.com