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Kat Klavon

Hello dear yogis!

My name is Kat Klavon (pronounced kluh-von). I have been practicing yoga for almost 33 years, which began in 2001 after the birth of my first child. I fell in love with yoga after finding a teacher named Patricia Walden on a VHS tape at my local library. I gleaned so much from my own mind/body experience back then. It was the beginning of a “love” affair. Yoga spoke to my mind/body, as only the wisdom of the body can do.

In 2012, I made the decision to take an intensive 200-hour yoga and meditation teacher training at Kripalu school of yoga in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I left my home in Purcellville to live on campus for one month. It was one of the most beautiful and difficult accomplishments I have achieved. Kripalu yoga is one that is designed to awaken a non-judgmental self-awareness. Kripalu yoga is a special and unique practice that incorporates asana, breathing techniques, and meditation. While it can be done in many styles, my personal focus as a teacher is a gentle Hatha style. Kripalu Yoga can be compared to having an attentive loving conversation with the breath and body. It is an opportunity to be fully present, to listen and respond to the body’s wisdom with curiosity and self-compassion.

My classes are geared towards people who are interested in a more mindful, slow, and gentle style of yoga. I believe that my classes would be enjoyable for those who desire building physical capacity. Having had Lyme disease 3 separate times, I understand the need for limitations and support. My classes are intended for those who feel intimidated by more physical yoga classes that are geared for a more vigorous, athletic style. My classes will be accessible to people that may feel some physical limitations, such as injury, age, or size. I taught yoga classes for senior citizens at Carver Center in Purcellville. The students loved my personal style. My classes are accessible for all ages, and sizes. The goal in my classes is to learn how to listen to the wisdom of your own body

I believe that life serves me best in self-directed inquiry, and education. I have a deep passion and love for art, psychology, secular Buddhism, and music. I am a creative and an artist who loves to try new things. I am a self-proclaimed introvert, who enjoys spending quality time with people, having deep meaningful conversations.