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Trish Forrester

On February 16, 2022, Trish found yoga. She was going through a particularly trying time and after practicing on that Wednesday morning, she noticed how calm her usually overactive, worrying mind felt. She was curious to know if this was just a one-time feeling after starting something new, so she started attending class almost every day. Sure enough after each practice, she felt lighter, more lucid, and above all, soothed. She was hooked. In addition to the peace yoga provided, she noticed her body moving about more fluidly and with less physical pain. After time, she became aware of her increased strength, flexibility, and restful sleep. It was clear that yoga would be key to her own healthy, happy aging, and she wanted to learn everything she could about it.

In February 2024, she began a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training rooted in Classical Vinyasa where she learned the principles of yoking mind, body, and breath. She continues to learn and experience something new each time she comes to the mat. Sharing with others the many precious gifts yoga has to offer is deeply satisfying to her, and she hopes you will join her on this journey in the pursuit of mental, emotional, and physical tranquility. She’s looking forward to meeting you on the mat!