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Physical and mental wellbeing have always been important to me. As a young woman I relied solely on running to clear my mind and maintain physical fitness. However, I was never fully satisfied with the results. It was not until I found yoga that I felt truly connected and content with my body. I took my first Ashtanga Yoga class while living in Florence, Italy pursuing my Masters Degree. The class was candlelit with expansive windows that opened up over the River Arno. The atmosphere, mood, and overall feeling I had after the class opened my eyes and gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to switch gears and pursue yoga. The teacher had a passion for both her students and the practice. I hope to bring this sense of self-awareness and inner peace to my students.

In 2012 I completed the 200-hour teacher certification course at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Bahamas. This immersion and exposure to the classical philosophy of the Hatha Yoga has given me a greater understanding of the discipline. I appreciate the principles of meditation that Sivananda Yoga emphasizes along with the physically demanding aspects of Vinyasa. For the past two years I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado, where I continued to teach classes and pursue my own practice. Through instructing and guiding yoga classes, I have learned that the pursuit of inner peace and happiness are invaluable components of a fulfilled life.

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