Cara Scott

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Staying active and healthy have always been important to me. I’ve suffered from fitness ADD and have literally been involved in all forms of working out from dancing, to boxing, to traditional weight training, snowboarding, Pole, Insanity, CrossFit and recently, a Tri-Athlon. I was always reluctant about Yoga due to my physical limitations; I have metal rods, hooks and screws in my spine from a Scoliosis surgery, metal in my right arm from a skiing accident, bad knees and hips that have turned in from birth. You wouldn’t say I started Yoga with high expectations;)

When I moved to Purcellville in 2015 from my hometown in Northern NY, I starting taking classes at Yoga Time Studio and absolutely fell in love with Yoga. Every form of Yoga, class and instructor (Mindy especially) taught me something new, while offering something unique each practice. Alas, my fitness ADD met its match! It was also at that point when I realized I needed Yoga for more than just the physical benefits. The connection of mind, body and soul that Yoga offers is something I never experienced with other activities. Not to mention all the health benefits. Why doesn’t everyone do Yoga?! I am a people person first and foremost. I have a 15 years of Marketing experience and a love for writing and public relations. Being a Yoga Instructor allows me to combine my passion for helping people with staying active and healthy. Plus, I’m proof that any “body” can practice Yoga. I hope to inspire and practice with you soon! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

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