Loudoun yoga teacher

Katie’s yoga career really began in 2016 when she went to India to deepen her personal practice. This incredible experience ended up taking her to Northern Thailand to complete her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. It wasn’t part if her plan, but during teacher training she fell so in love with Thailand that she ended up living there, teaching yoga full-time, for nearly a year. She returned to the United States for a short few months to work her Ski Patrol job in Utah and then was off again. This time to the Algarve region of Portugal where she spent several months teaching yoga and attempting to learn to surf. Since then, she bounced around between Asia, Utah, and the DC area. In 2018 she returned to Thailand to advance her training and and finish her 500 hour YTT. Katie feels incredibly blessed that yoga has led her to opportunities to explore so many amazing communities around the globe. She doesn’t know where in the world yoga will take her next but she can’t wait to find out! Katie typically teaches a strong, dynamic class. Her classes are influenced by a combination of techniques and theories from her training, including: The Rocket, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Tripsichore, and Yogic Arts.


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