Kelly Plunnecke

Kelly Plunnecke - yoga teacher

Kelly began her yoga journey in 2014 when her orthopedist recommended the practice after a bout of persistent knee pain.  Ever since, yoga benefitted not merely her knee but it became an oasis for her mind and soul as well.  During the pandemic Kelly happened to reconnect with a past instructor who offered an intensive, one-on-one teacher training.  With the support of her husband and five children, who all picked up extra chores during those five months, she earned her 200 hour certification.  In Kelly’s classes, you will find an instructor who continues to learn alongside her students, seeks to make yoga accessible to each individual, and loves to bring a unique and eclectic playlist to each class.  When not in the studio, Kelly works part time for a local small business and her favorite place to be is on the Florida beach with her family and a good book.


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