Luke Greer

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A native of Purcellville, Luke came to yoga seeking structure for healthy physical and mental well being after returning to Virginia from Southwest Florida, where he had lived for many years. He quickly found a home for his practice at Yoga Time Studio, where he received his RYT 200 Hour training and certification.

He brings a diverse background to the mat, having been a trapeze artist when he was young and as he says, “more physically resilient”; he found the physical (Asana) practice of Vinyasa style yoga spoke to him, while the greater themes of meditation, breath-work, and mindful living, drew him deeper into his practice. Luke studied music therapy and production at Shenandoah University while working as a concert producer for nearly a decade. The linking of breath, music, and movement in combination with certain musical elements for the purpose of healing seemed a natural extension of familiar territory.  He has wrestled with many injuries from an active past, rural childhood, and the remnants of Lyme disease from a decade ago so he is quick to offer modifications and solutions for those who find certain postures challenging. He currently works as a Heritage and Conservation Photographer in the community he loves, collaborating with many historical and natural world preservation interests as he has done over the past ten years. Luke loves to share his passion for yoga and the diverse body of knowledge he has acquired from a life well lived with all who meet him to practice, to heal, and to grow. He believes that yoga is the greatest tool he can offer another human being, no matter what their journey has been or what path has brought them to the mat.


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