Tyke Riggs

chakra studies

I found yoga at a time when the climate of my life was burdened with crippling anxiety and chronic depression. There’s a Buddhist parable, where a man is given a raft to travel across a treacherous river, but the raft must be left at the opposite side; if he is going to accept this challenge the man must evolve, accepting the inevitable changes to come. I believe, in many ways, this boat is a metaphor of my introduction to philosophies of yoga, and furthermore, the journey onward which is my practice.

As an avid hiker, and nature photographer, I have used my bachelor of fine arts to portray my deep appreciation of this wild universe, exposing light on the interconnectivity of all beings, without exception. I have developed a love for sharing both my physical and spiritual explorations.

After studying at Tejas Yoga Chicago to obtain a unique 250 hour teaching certification, I began to focus on Ayurvedic principles, understanding that every conscious being is uniquely comprised of the 5 elements which govern the universe. With this structure, I design my classes with the seasons, offering meditation, pranayama, and asana practices to help balance the current climate of our collective world.

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