Being Grateful, Because You Can

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a time to take stalk of your life and your blessings, to give
thanks for everything you have, everyone you know, and everything you can do.  However, Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we should be grateful.  One of my favorite mantras is, “breathing gratitude in, breathing gratitude out.”  This mantra helps remind me to take in all the wonderful things around me, being thankful for the moment and for the ability to reflect and be present.  It’s a simple thing, but it can make a big difference.  Another thing that I try to remember is to be thankful for my body, my body’s ability to move and stay active and the fact that I can make and take time during the day to practice and workout.  This was something I learned in high school, and something that has stayed with me.

When I was in high school, I ran cross-country and during summer we would go to running camp.  One year at a session there was a panel of collegiate runners who were being interviewed.  One of the questions asked was, “why do you run?” and the most inspiring answer I heard which has stuck with me ever since was, “because I can.”  The girl went on to explain that she runs because she knows it’s a gift to be able to.  To have two working legs and a strong body that can sustain you is a blessing and one that we should be grateful for and use, because we can.  If you have ever been injured or been in a position where you couldn’t move your body the way you wanted to, you probably understand this even more.  It’s not guaranteed that our bodies will be able to stay active, so we should take advantage of what we can do when we can do it and be grateful.

Now, practicing yoga and barre here in western Loudoun County, I have a similar outlook and appreciation for my body.  It’s easy to forget to be grateful for what you have until something happens and your body can no longer do what it used to be able to do.  A couple months ago I injured my knee which made some basic yoga poses such as child’s pose difficult and uncomfortable.  Just last week, I slipped down my stairs and bruised my tailbone which has made a lot of postures and workouts very painful and hard to do.  Now, recovering from these injuries, I am even more grateful for my body’s ability to be active and stay in shape.  I find motivation to keep practicing yoga and working to build my strength through barre, because I can!

Staying motivated to go to Yoga Time Studio to practice yoga and go to barre classes on a regular basis can be tough.  Finding the time and energy to be and stay active when you are balancing so many other things in life is extremely challenging, but if you are healthy enough and have the ability to make the time, be grateful and do it, because you can!


I am so grateful for the amazing people I have met at Yoga Time Studio.  I am grateful to have a place in western Loudoun County where I can challenge and strengthen my body and mind on a daily basis.  And, I am grateful that my body can do what it can do at this time and place in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Practicing!


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