Spring into a Healthy Routine

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, birds are chirping, plants are blooming and spring has sprung!  As the natural world starts to renew itself and prepare for the warmer months to come, so should we.  Spring is a wonderful time to commit, recommit to, or continue on a path to a healthy lifestyle: mind, body, and spirit.  Being part of the Yoga Time community in western Loudoun County is a great place to start!

The different types of yoga classes offered present opportunities to challenge yourself through power, vinyasa, conditioning, or Ashtanga classes, or gently stretch, relax and work your whole body through slow flow, spiritual bliss, and myofascial release classes.  Plus, Yoga Time studio offers the added bonus of Barre classes to help strengthen the body (and mind).  Spring is a perfect time to try something new and challenge yourself either physically (maybe by going to a barre class) or mentally (maybe by going to a more meditation heavy class).  Hopefully spring has brought you more energy and an increased motivation… take advantage and channel that energy and motivation into a new, fresh and hopefully invigorating exercise routine. 

Another added benefit to Yoga Time studio is its proximity to the W&OD trail (it’s just about a half mile walk down the road before you get on the trail).  The W&OD trail is a great place to get outside (either before or after class) and go for a nice walk/run.  Combining outdoor activity in with your yoga/barre routine is a great way to add variety and give yourself a little extra energy and motivation, plus a healthy dose of vitamin D!  Exercising outdoors has a ton of benefits and spring is a great time to do so.  This time of year in western Loudoun County is so beautiful, Purcellville is in full bloom and the outdoor spaces are colorful, vibrant, and inspiring.  Go explore, breathe in the fresh air, take in the scene, and enjoy the beautiful weather while exercising and strengthening your body, mind and spirit.

Spring is also a great time to take what you’ve learned through Yoga Time classes outside and practice on your own.  You know those absolutely gorgeous days when it seems crazy to be inside? Why not take your mat outside and practice yoga?  When you practice yoga outdoors you get an opportunity to ground down connecting to the earth, you can literally look up to the sky, and truly be in the moment taking in the beauty and wonder of our amazing natural world.

Whether you choose to exercise your mind, body and soul indoors, outdoors, or both this spring, I hope you feel renewed and inspired to shine bright and smile!


Happy Practicing!


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