Staying Motivated During the Holidays

When the weather is warm and you are wearing shorts, tanks tops and sometimes your bathing suit, it’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to stay in shape.  It’s also a lot easier to get outside and move around when the weather is nice.  Although the holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year,” it can also be the easiest time of the year to lose motivation to work out and make it to class consistently.  There are so many distractions: parties, family, friends, travel, etc. – it’s easy to brush off a workout here or there and think you will just go tomorrow or next week (although, it’s also easy to push those workouts off too).  Sometimes during the holidays you are traveling for periods of time where you physically can’t make it to yoga or barre class.  Then, once you haven’t been in a while it’s so much harder to motivate yourself to get back into it.  It’s easy to fall into the trap this time of year of putting it off until the New Year and convincing yourself that getting back in shape and making it to more yoga and barre classes will be your New Year’s resolution, which is great… but, it would be even better if you could just stay motivated through the holidays so you don’t need to get back in shape.  I know, way more easier said than done!

So, how can we stay motivated to keep in shape and stay active during this holiday season?

If you are staying in western Loudoun County during the holidays, try to commit to going to Yoga Time classes in your head before the week begins to keep yourself motivated and accountable.  To spark a little extra motivation, maybe try a new class you haven’t been to before, who knows, you might actually love barre or Ashtanga Yoga.  Maybe find a workout buddy in class if you haven’t already and keep each other motivated.  For those days when you simply can’t make it to Yoga Time Studio, try to get outside and go for a walk or run.  If it’s nasty outside, look up fitness YouTube videos or try doing squats or push-ups during small breaks throughout the day – anything to keep yourself active and motivated.  If you are at home with your kids and can’t make it to the studio, try working out with them.  Sometimes when my niece and nephews are in town they “work out” with me by trying to follow along when I am doing workout tapes.  Sometimes I give them the small tomato paste cans to use as weights (they love that).

If you are traveling, staying active and working out can be more challenging, but it’s not impossible.  I think the best thing to do is make sure you pack workout clothing and running/walking shoes so that you at least have gear with you.  If you are staying at a hotel and it has a gym, that’s great, if it doesn’t, you can always try working out in your room.  There are a ton of great workout videos you can bring with you or look up on YouTube.  If there is a gym nearby you can see if they have a trail pass for the week or just do a drop-in session.  If none of those options are possible (or even if you just need to get out and away from everything for a little) you can always put on your running shoes and head outside for a nice walk/run.  Over Thanksgiving I was staying at an Airbnb with my husband’s family which made it impossible to do the workout tapes I had planned for.  Instead, I went for a run around the neighborhood we were staying in.  It was a great way to have some “me time,” see a new area and get a good workout in.

The Holiday season is a wonderful time filled with friends, family and food but it can also be extremely stressful and exhausting.  Making time for yourself and keeping motivated through exercising your body, mind and spirit (like we do in yoga and barre) is a great way to keep positive, energetic and centered throughout the holiday season.  Plus, staying active during the Holidays means those extra cookies and second helpings won’t weight you down too much.

Happy Holidays and Happy Practicing!


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