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Community is HUGE!  Whether you’re a social butterfly or someone who likes to keep to themselves, having a group you can identify with and be a part of is essential in life.  Some people go to church, some people are active on boards or through their jobs, some people volunteer or are politically active. There’s all different types of communities out there including fitness communities like the one you find at Yoga Time Studio.

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Especially when you move to a new area, finding a community you click with can be challenging.  It can be overwhelming to know where to start and hard to meet people at first.  Yoga Time Studio, which offers a wide variety of Barre and Yoga classes from tons of different instructors is a great place to start even if you are new to that type of fitness, believe me, I know!

I recently moved across the country to Round Hill in Loudoun County and something I wanted to do was find a gym because it’s always easier to work out and stay in shape when you’re part of a community like that.  I’ve tried many different types of fitness classes and have taught Zumba in the past so my first thought was a typical gym, which I tried and it was good… I think I would have been happy there and I am sure I would have met great people.  However, I was curious to try something new and having never gone to an actual yoga studio before, I did some research and found Yoga Time Studio in Purcellville.  One of the things I really liked even before I tried my first class was how many different classes and types of classes were offered every day.  I also liked that as a new student I could purchase a super reasonable 2 class pass to try it out.  I had only taken a handful of actual yoga classes in my life and only one Barre class before, so I was a little unsure if this was something I would really want to commit to, but, I tried it!

The first class I went to was Express Barre.  I walked in a little nervous but was immediately greeted by a friendly instructor who helped get me my pass and prepared for class.  She learned my name and encouraged me (and everyone else) throughout.  It kicked my butt, but was a great workout and I left feeling good about my first experience at the studio.  The second class I tried was Power Yoga the next week and LOVED IT!  It was one of the best workouts I’ve had and that was what really made it want to become an actual student at Yoga Time Studio.


I have only been going to Yoga Time Studio for 2 months, but already I feel part of a fitness community that I love.

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I’m not anywhere close to being a yogi but I already feel like I am growing, learning and challenging my body and mind to be stronger and healthier.  Not being a super outgoing person, I’m not the best at meeting people straight away or introducing myself to people when I probably should, but everyone has been so friendly, welcoming and positive.  Slowly but surely, I’ve learned people’s names, where they live, and where they work.  You hear about their kids or pets or funny things that have happened to them and eventually, relationships start to form.

Whether you are brand new to yoga and Barre or are a full-fledged yogi, it’s a great community to be a part of!

Happy Practicing!


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