Longest Running Yoga Studio in Loudoun!


I definitely feel prepared to be a yoga teacher now. I loved the completely different teaching styles of Mindy and Gretchen; and how it weaved together proved to be a magic combination.

Christian M.

The combination of Mindy, Gretchen, and the guest speakers provided a fantastic platform beyond the traditional yoga teacher training. While it’s an intense commitment of time, emotion, energy, and body, this was an experience I highly recommend

YTT Participant

This YTT program strikes the perfect balance between training how to teach yoga, and teaching the origins and philosophy that underlies the physical aspects of yoga

Mike M.

A longtime struggler with exercise, I found Yoga Time Studio exactly when I needed it. Recovering from a shoulder condition and a few months into the pandemic, I started my journey doing 1:1 yoga with Mindy and attending group classes. She helped me realize that yoga was accessible to me despite my physical limitations. And as usual, life threw me a surprise gift.  Life taught me that yoga is truly a mind-body healing practice for my own self-care.  It is a practice that this “non-exerciser” cannot live without. My well-being soared! Yoga Time Studio is now my yoga community.  Mindy,  Maribeth, and all of the teachers are top-notch! Thank you for the gift of yoga, Mindy!


Mindy led a very special wedding morning yoga session for my daughter, her now husband and wedding party. This was THE BEST idea ever! Mindy got us all calm and centered to start the day. She led us with humor and love. What a beautiful gift to set the tone for the day, and it continued…We were all very calm and just full of love and gratitude throughout the entire day. I just wish I lived closer so I could practice with Mindy regularly. Thank you sweet Mindy!

Jessa H.

Yoga Time Studio is a slice of Purcellville on a mat. Here, you’ll find so much more than down dogs and hot vinyasa–you’ll find a community, you’ll find soul. I should know, I’ve been going to Yoga Time for six months now. From the get-go, Mindy Beach and her amazing team of instructors made me feel welcome and at ease.

Though I’m relatively new to yoga, it didn’t take long for the yoga bug to bite. In a short period of time, Yours Truly has transformed from an out of shape, shy, and overstressed mess into a full fledged yogi-in-progress. Let me tell you a little secret: I hate to exercise, but thanks to Yoga Time Studio, I never feel like I’m “working out.” Here, you’ll find peace and spirit, while getting your sweat on in the process.

When I’m having a rough day at work, or if I’m coming down with a case of the blues, I can look forward to that moment when I roll out my mat, take a deep breath, and get stretchy with Mindy and my Yoga Time family.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out Yoga Time studio! Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or experienced, you’ll find a class and an instructor that’s just right for you.

Joining Yoga Time is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way, too.

Brandon G.

Despite my years of dance training , I had never attend structured yoga or barre classes until just over three years ago. One would think this would be a natural transition, but I had spent most of my adult years staying active by running, using machines, or trying at home videos while little people ran around me. After the birth of my third child, I was looking to mix things up and had heard great things about the results of the trending “barre” phenomenon. I was a stay at home Mom, so I needed a place that was affordable, convenient, and one that offered a variety of classes. Yoga Time looked to offer all this and more, so I decided to try a drop-in class. From the minute I walked in, I was hooked. Mindy and her team of dedicated staff were incredibly friendly, welcoming and patient. As a beginner, they showed me how to improvise postures and movement and to listen to my body. The vibe of the studio is laid back, energizing, and warm. Instantly, you feel like a member of the yoga community, with those advanced in their practice supporting and encouraging new yogis to be the best version of themselves. Whenever I attend a class, I always walk out feeling healthier and happier then when I entered and I know I will also get a healthy does of laughter as well. Outside of my own home, Yoga Time truly is my “happy place”!

Maureen A.

I started practicing at Yoga Time Studio a few months after the birth of my second son. While I sought fitness and a bit of solace amidst his medical issues, what I gained in 8 years of yoga and barre at YTS has been so much more. The studio– Mindy and her talented instructors– has been a gift. As a working mom, a runner and a perfectionist to a fault, an hour or two at the studio whether at 5:15am or 7:30pm is always a highlight to my day making daily stress more manageable. I leave YTS with balance, peace, laughter and strength. The confidence, and physical and mental strength, I’ve developed from taking risks in a welcoming, fun and supportive environment has helped me as a mom, wife, friend and teacher. Yoga has helped me heal running injuries and barre has developed muscles I didn’t know I had. I am grateful for each visit to YTS (and my kids and husband are, too! ?

Susan L.

When I arrived at Yoga Time Studio as a beginner, I was greeted by thoughtful instructors who challenged my limits while helping me build a safe and solid foundation. As my practice increased I found a community of kind and dedicated yogis eager to share their experiences on the mat. After traveling to other studios I am always thankful to return home as we are truly fortunate to have world class instruction in a small town setting. Yoga has strengthened my mind and body, with the help of the instructors at YTS I am now finding myself in postures I never dreamed possible. My only regret is having waited so long to begin. I encourage anyone to give Yoga Time Studio a chance to enhance their lives.

Luke G.

This is a very difficult, painful and yet, much necessary letter that I write. Difficult and painful because it acknowledges a level of despair and weakness that I would rather not acknowledge and necessary because I hope it encourages others that are in despair to know that there is Hope out there.

One year ago, I stumbled into Yoga Time studio, completely shattered and utterly lost from my divorce, not really knowing why I was there. All I knew was I was desperate for help yet too proud, and too stubborn, to ask. I had tried to deal with it myself and tough it out for 8 months. 32 years of service in both the Marines and Air Force had taught me strength, dedication, decisiveness and self-discipline. I had always been The Rock. I was the one that others had turned to for strength and support during long, hard days of peril, loss and heartache. Both Professional and Personal. I was always the tough guy and the pillar of strength for others to lean on. However, it was only when my children left after the Holiday Season that I realized I was not OK. I was not getting better. In fact, I was actually losing my fight…and I NEVER lost. At anything.

I was losing my fight. I will let you ponder that.

One Saturday, for no apparent reason, I searched “Yoga in Purcellville” on my computer. Me. I actually searched for Yoga. Let’s just I had a less than positive view of Yoga at that time. After a few seconds of searching and looking at the reviews, I had an address in hand and was out the door. I walked into the studio, not knowing what to expect and was immediately greeted by Mindy with her usual upbeat, positive and loving Hello. It was very surprising to be greeted like that. I have been told that I can be very intimidating and I know I walked into the studio “negative energy” first. After some discussion, My Life started to turn around the moment Mindy said: “I can help you”. Always self-conscious, I did not want to attend classes where a gorilla like me would look out of place. Classes would come later. Mindy recommended private therapy sessions that would focus on healing my mind, heart and soul.

And so she has.

Not only did she bring me back from the Abyss with those sessions…she flat-out saved My Life. Thank You, Miss Mindy. You’re the sister I never had. I am so grateful for the time, effort and love that you’ve showed me. From the bottom of My Heart and Soul, Thank YOU. I now consider that first day as My Birthday. During World War II, German fighter pilots had a tradition. If you were shot down, and lived, you had a “Birthday Party” to celebrate your rebirth. I had been shot down, no doubt, psychologically, physically and emotionally. So, I now celebrate that day as My Birthday. As those fighter pilots would say: “HORRIDO”!!!!

I apologize to the readers that this has been so long.

In closing, let me say: If you are hurting, either physically or spiritually, I urge you to seek out Yoga Time Studio. Today. Talk to Miss Mindy. Whether you seek private or group classes…Yoga can turn your life around. The entire atmosphere is one of positive energy and Love. Yoga has turned My Life around. Heck, you never know, you might even share a class with a big, uni-browed, mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger like me in the corner. Don’t be afraid. He is happy. He can actually smile and laugh now.

Thanks, Miss Mindy. Thank You for always being there! Anything I can do…just name it. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE AND FOR ANY REASON.