Longest Running Yoga Studio in Loudoun!

Despite my years of dance training , I had never attend structured yoga or barre classes until just over three years ago. One would think this would be a natural transition, but I had spent most of my adult years staying active by running, using machines, or trying at home videos while little people ran around me. After the birth of my third child, I was looking to mix things up and had heard great things about the results of the trending “barre” phenomenon. I was a stay at home Mom, so I needed a place that was affordable, convenient, and one that offered a variety of classes. Yoga Time looked to offer all this and more, so I decided to try a drop-in class. From the minute I walked in, I was hooked. Mindy and her team of dedicated staff were incredibly friendly, welcoming and patient. As a beginner, they showed me how to improvise postures and movement and to listen to my body. The vibe of the studio is laid back, energizing, and warm. Instantly, you feel like a member of the yoga community, with those advanced in their practice supporting and encouraging new yogis to be the best version of themselves. Whenever I attend a class, I always walk out feeling healthier and happier then when I entered and I know I will also get a healthy does of laughter as well. Outside of my own home, Yoga Time truly is my “happy place”!

— Maureen A.