Longest Running Yoga Studio in Loudoun!

This is a very difficult, painful and yet, much necessary letter that I write. Difficult and painful because it acknowledges a level of despair and weakness that I would rather not acknowledge and necessary because I hope it encourages others that are in despair to know that there is Hope out there.

One year ago, I stumbled into Yoga Time studio, completely shattered and utterly lost from my divorce, not really knowing why I was there. All I knew was I was desperate for help yet too proud, and too stubborn, to ask. I had tried to deal with it myself and tough it out for 8 months. 32 years of service in both the Marines and Air Force had taught me strength, dedication, decisiveness and self-discipline. I had always been The Rock. I was the one that others had turned to for strength and support during long, hard days of peril, loss and heartache. Both Professional and Personal. I was always the tough guy and the pillar of strength for others to lean on. However, it was only when my children left after the Holiday Season that I realized I was not OK. I was not getting better. In fact, I was actually losing my fight…and I NEVER lost. At anything.

I was losing my fight. I will let you ponder that.

One Saturday, for no apparent reason, I searched “Yoga in Purcellville” on my computer. Me. I actually searched for Yoga. Let’s just I had a less than positive view of Yoga at that time. After a few seconds of searching and looking at the reviews, I had an address in hand and was out the door. I walked into the studio, not knowing what to expect and was immediately greeted by Mindy with her usual upbeat, positive and loving Hello. It was very surprising to be greeted like that. I have been told that I can be very intimidating and I know I walked into the studio “negative energy” first. After some discussion, My Life started to turn around the moment Mindy said: “I can help you”. Always self-conscious, I did not want to attend classes where a gorilla like me would look out of place. Classes would come later. Mindy recommended private therapy sessions that would focus on healing my mind, heart and soul.

And so she has.

Not only did she bring me back from the Abyss with those sessions…she flat-out saved My Life. Thank You, Miss Mindy. You’re the sister I never had. I am so grateful for the time, effort and love that you’ve showed me. From the bottom of My Heart and Soul, Thank YOU. I now consider that first day as My Birthday. During World War II, German fighter pilots had a tradition. If you were shot down, and lived, you had a “Birthday Party” to celebrate your rebirth. I had been shot down, no doubt, psychologically, physically and emotionally. So, I now celebrate that day as My Birthday. As those fighter pilots would say: “HORRIDO”!!!!

I apologize to the readers that this has been so long.

In closing, let me say: If you are hurting, either physically or spiritually, I urge you to seek out Yoga Time Studio. Today. Talk to Miss Mindy. Whether you seek private or group classes…Yoga can turn your life around. The entire atmosphere is one of positive energy and Love. Yoga has turned My Life around. Heck, you never know, you might even share a class with a big, uni-browed, mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger like me in the corner. Don’t be afraid. He is happy. He can actually smile and laugh now.

Thanks, Miss Mindy. Thank You for always being there! Anything I can do…just name it. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE AND FOR ANY REASON.


— TJ